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Lomukhin Y. L.
Butukhanov V. P.
Atutov E. B.
SIMULATION OF BACKWARD REFLECTION IN HOMOGENEOUS BOUNDARY MEDIA // BSU bulletin. Mathematics, Informatics. - 2018. №3. . - С. 94-102.
DOI: 10.18101/2304-5728-2018-3-94-102UDK: 519.87
A mathematical model of reflection and refraction is proposed that takes into ac- count the effect of excitation of counter propagating waves. The reflected and re- fracted waves are known to get excited upon irradiation of the interface in the neighboring media. The authors found that along with these modes, waves with a negative refraction angle and backward waves are also excited, propagating to the external source strictly in the opposite direction to the refracted and incident waves. In this work for the first time, an electrodynamic model (within the framework of classical electrodynamics) of inverse reflection in homogeneous boundary media separated by a maximally even one is constructed, which takes into account the ef- fect of excitation of counter propagating waves. A generalization of this model is made for the case of uneven interfaces. It is established that the reverse (radar) re- flection is an inverse wave, and not a special case of backward scattering, as it is commonly assumed. Analytic expressions for the coefficients of inverse reflection are determined. A comparison of the theoretical and experimental results has been made, and a good agreement has been found. The results of the work make a defi- nite contribution to the electrodynamics of continuous media and has great practical importance.
counter propagating waves; backward waves; backward reflection; Fres- nel formulas; backward reflection coefficient; polarization; thermal radiation.
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