BSU bulletin
Mathematics, Informatics

Requirements for the articles

  1. The submitted article must be only as a doc-file, typed in the text editor Microsoft Word XP / 2003 (not allowed in other versions of Word). Page format: A5 (width 148 mm, length 210 mm). Fields - 1 cm. Text of the article is made in a single column. Line spacing - single. Paragraph indent - 0.5 cm. Font type: Times New Roman. Font Size - 11 points. Page numbering in the footer at the center.
  2. At the beginning of the article put detailed index UDC according to the currently effective classifiers. Next the initials and names of authors (bold italic, right alignment), article title (in capital letters in bold, center alignment), abstract, keywords, and these parts of the text translated into English. At the end of the document, after the bibliography, put information about the authors and its translation into English (surname, name, patronymic, academic degree, academic rank, position, place of work (specify the names of organizations formally adopted), address with postal code, phone / fax, e-mail)). Links to grants give in a footnote on the first page.
  3. The article should be structured and contain an introduction, a number of sections with possible subsections, conclusion, list of references.
  4. A set of formulas is carried out in the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3/4 or MathType 5/. Do not use a standard formula editor Word 2007/ (use the editor MathType). Not allowed: a set of formulas as a text (including a table of characters, superscript or subscript), and using autoshapes; insert formulas in the form of drawings; compression of formula as a drawing. All formulas that are referenced in the text, submitted on a separate line with the numbering in round brackets in the text to the right edge of the page. (line right-aligned). The main font size in the formulas: 11 points. The font size in the formula for the index is automatically calculated. But in the case of a complex hierarchy of indexes individual characters may be distinguished not sufficiently , in this case the manual correction of character size is required.

Article submission and payment of publication

  1. Article submitted in electronic form. In the title file of the article specifies the name of the first author.
  2. The cost of the publication of an article partially covers the costs of publication of the journal, mail services for sending an article to the members of the editorial board of the magazine and for sending the copies of an article to the nonresident and foreign authors. The cost of publication of the 1 page article by size of 173 by 237 mm is 150 rubles for employees of BSU, 300 rubles - for the rest
  3. For publishing an article, authors of which are graduate students only, payment is not provided. The authors should provide reference from institution confirming that they are graduate students of the institution.
  4. Payment is made after the notice editorial board of acceptance of articles for publication and should be made by postal transfer to the address specified in the notice. When paying by transfer is necessary to send a copy of the transfer receipt by e-mail.
  5. Articles that do not meet the requirements of formalization, editorial board does not take. The decision to publish an article is accepted by the editorial board of journal "Vestnik BSU. Mathematics, Informatics ". Corrected article will not be sent to the authors, received materials will not be returned. Fees are not paid to authors. The editorial board did not have the opportunity for correspondence with the author on the article review. The editorial board did not discuss a subject the reasons for the refusal of publication.