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Bibliographic description:
Шаталова А. Ю.
Лебедев К. А.
PARAMETRIC α-LEVEL METHOD OF λ-CONTINUATION FOR FUZZY LINEAR PROGRAMMING PROBLEM // BSU bulletin. Mathematics, Informatics. - 2018. №1. . - С. 34-51.
DOI: 10.18101/2304-5728-2018-1-34-51UDK: 519.688
The article considers the well-known method of four fuzzy linear programming problems, which is generalized to the parametric α-level method of λ-continuation. The proposed method makes it possible to reduce the number of cases considered from four to two, and obtain additional solutions on subsets of the square α – λ . The advantage of the proposed approach is that one task in- cludes the previous four tasks as special cases. This method allows us to obtain more general and flexible solutions and to influence the properties of a linear optimization problem: degree of membership, sensitivity, stability. We also give the numerical example of the new method implementation in the pro- gramming support environment MathCAD.
fuzzy linear programming; optimization problems; parametric linear programming with fuzzy data; expansion principle; the method of continuation; fuzzy sets; fuzzy logic.
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